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We’re in the news – a lot. Here's a sampling of our latest coverage:

In The News

People on the Move: Jared Smith

October 09, 2015

Jared Smith joins RiseSmart as SVP Sales

RiseSmart hired Smith to focus on revenue growth and expansion. He will be responsible for sales, business development initiatives and partnerships globally. 


October 09, 2015

RiseSmart, an outplacement firm acquired last month by Randstad Holding nv for $100 million, appointed Jared Smith as senior VP of sales. Smith most recently was senior VP at consulting and outsourcing provider Morneau Shepell.

People on the Move: Jared Smith

October 08, 2015

RiseSmart hired Smith to focus on revenue growth and expansion. He will be responsible for sales, business development initiatives and partnerships globally.

Talent Transition in a Cyclical Oil & Gas Industry

April 10, 2015

Recruiting new talent is often more difficult in industries that face dramatic boom and bust cycles, a pain currently felt acutely in the oil and gas industry.

Layoffs or No Layoffs, Employees Come First

March 09, 2015

Whatever side of the layoff story you find yourself on — now or in the future, conducting them or avoiding them at all costs — don’t ever lose sight of your employees’ experiences.


Cushioning the Blow

February 23, 2015

Severance packages are typically thought of as a way to make life easier for laid-off employees while protecting the organization’s reputational brand. However, Sanjay Sathe feels they’re doing neither very effectively.  

RiseSmart Featured on BenefitsPro

February 04, 2015

Disconnect Emerges in Severance Policy Study

Severance tends to pop up on the public radar either in instances of executive compensation or when a tax or related change in the lawtakes place. Such cases tend to be guided by precedent and existing policy. When it comes to severance as part of company policy for all employees, however, no standard appears to exist.

RiseSmart, the firm Dan Davenport ’96 helped co-found in 2007, helps companies transition laid-off workers to new jobs.

January 27, 2014

RiseSmart's Vice President of Finance and Operations, Dan Davenport, was recently featured by his alma mater in The TCU Magazine. The article gives unique insight into Dan's involvement in the founding of RiseSmart as well as what it has taken to make RiseSmart a success. 

Headhunters, beware: RiseSmart wants to upend the HR industry

November 01, 2013

Great article summing up the massive market opportunity available to RiseSmart and the genesis of our recently launched RiseSmart Compass offering.

#hrwins Trend Report: Employee Engagement is Ripe for Innovation and New HR Tech Vendors Answer The Call

October 16, 2013

Companies with high levels of employee engagement are seeing 20% or greater profitability and productivity, and over 60% less turnover. We're delighted that RiseSmart is singled out in the #hrwins Trend Report as a top innovator poised to deliver on this promise.

RiseSmart adds Compass to its offerings

October 10, 2013

GigaOM Pro describes RiseSmart Transition as a "job transition placeform (marketplace + platform = placeform)" and says it’s "no real surprise that RiseSmart has taken that expertise and technology" to launch RiseSmart Compass.

Can The Social Cloud Help Americans Get Back to Work?

September 19, 2013

Forbes is bullish on our ability to "accelerate the other side of job creation” using cloud and social technology to leverage our keen understanding of the job ecosystem facing employers and job-seekers today. We second that emotion!

RiseSmart Earns Third Consecutive Stevie in 2013 American Business Awards

August 08, 2013

We're delighted to announce that we've received our third consecutive Stevie Award in the Most Innovative Company of the Year category in The 11th Annual American Business Awards, the nation's premier business awards program. We thank the whole RiseSmart team for making this honor possible.

LinkedIn recommendations can get you hired faster

February 08, 2011

RiseSmart survey results underscore a crucial reality of today's job market: social networking can no longer be dismissed as a waste of time or over-hyped phenomenon.

Can economic figures predict Super Bowl?

February 06, 2011

Wish you could predict the winner of the Super Bowl? Maybe now you can! Historically, the team that hails from the city with the lower unemployment rate wins most often.

Nett: New home survey numbers hold plenty to cheer about

February 06, 2011

Once again, we looked at Super Bowl data from the past 20 years and compared it to the unemployment rates of the competing teams’ cities. Read all about our surprising findings in this article.

Economists, statisticians find strong correlation between lower unemployment rates and Super Bowl victories

February 06, 2011

We analyzed the unemployment rates for the metro areas whose teams played in the past 20 Super Bowls, and found a surprising correlation in the data. The team from the region with the lower unemployment rate won 80 percent of the time. Get the full story in this article.

Labor market gives Green Bay the edge in Super Bowl

February 04, 2011

According to our research, 16 of the past 20 Super Bowls winners came from the city with the lower jobless rate. Read this article for the full story.

Everything Predicts a Super Bowl Winner

February 04, 2011

Our unique research found that the region with the lower unemployment rate has won 16 of the past 20 Super Bowls, giving our prediction model an 80% success rate. Read the article for more information.

Jobless rates: A way to predict the Super Bowl?

February 03, 2011

According to our research into Super Bowl results over the past 20 years, the team coming from the geographic area with the lowest unemployment rate wins the Super Bowl 80% of the time.