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Talent Transition in a Cyclical Oil & Gas Industry

April 10, 2015 Recruiting new talent is often more difficult in industries that face dramatic boom and bust cycles, a pain currently felt acutely in the oil and gas industry.  Read full article

Layoffs or No Layoffs, Employees Come First

March 09, 2015 Whatever side of the layoff story you find yourself on — now or in the future, conducting them or avoiding them at all costs — don’t ever lose sight of your employees’ experiences. Read full article  

WEBINAR: Career Empowerment: Building an Empowered Workforce

October 30, 2013

Join us to learn how Career Empowerment is defined and practiced in organizations today and discover innovative ways to support employee empowerment in your own business. Industry analyst Aubrey K. Wiete and RiseSmart's Karen Stevens will lead the discussion.