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Why You MUST Get to Know Recruiters

July 31, 2014
The recent CareerXroads Source of Hire survey had people in the HR space talking this week, and the survey results seem to point to an interesting trend: Are we seeing the return of the recruiter?

Search Tips for Landing a Job over 50

July 29, 2014
It can be scary to go through a career transition, especially if the transition is not one you chose to make. But it can be doubly scary for those employees who have already had established careers. As a mature job seeker you may worry that you are going to have a hard time competing for attention...

Technology can play a role in helping veterans find jobs

July 10, 2014 RiseSmart President & CEO, Sanjay Sathe, gives insight into his own personal experiences in dealing with veterans re-entering the workforce. Featured in the Contra Costa Times, Sanjay details his first hand accounts and offers a solution to ensuring that the men and women who give so much for...

5 Ways to Make Ex-Employees Brand Ambassadors

June 10, 2014 Employer branding should be one of the top concerns for every executive in today’s highly competitive and social talent market. A strong employer brand cuts through the noise of social media, creates opportunities for recommendations, and gives talent (past, current and future) a sense of positive...

RiseSmart Makes History by Winning Fourth Consecutive Stevie Award in 2014 American Business Awards

June 24, 2014

Leader in enterprise career management becomes the only nominee to place at the top of the Most Innovative Company of the Year category four years in a row

RiseSmart Releases Guidelines: How to Add Technology to Company's HR Strategy

June 10, 2014

President and CEO of leading career management company discusses the benefits of adding technology to a company's HR strategy

WEBINAR: Career Empowerment: Building an Empowered Workforce

October 30, 2013

Join us to learn how Career Empowerment is defined and practiced in organizations today and discover innovative ways to support employee empowerment in your own business. Industry analyst Aubrey K. Wiete and RiseSmart's Karen Stevens will lead the discussion.