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Get Creative to Improve Your Recruiting

April 17, 2014
Companies who need employees with highly specialized skills may struggle more than others when dealing with the crush of resumes that can come from a single job posting on a traditional message board. Having to filter through all of those resumes — most of them from unqualified or under-qualified...

The Right Way to Follow Up After Interviews

April 15, 2014
An oft-forgotten element of a successful career transition is an effective interview follow-up. A little bit of gratitude and politeness goes a long way: when it is time to make a decision and there are several qualified candidates from which to choose, a follow up can be what tips the scales in...

How to Take Advantage of Your Soft Skills in a Job Search

March 03, 2014 RiseSmart's President and CEO, Sanjay Sathe, shares his job search knowledge in a latest blog post featured on Wired Insights.  You don't have to necessarily match the job description word for word to be perfect for the job. As a Wired guest blogger, Sanjay offers four ways a job seeker can take...

Layoffs 2.0: San Jose Startup Nabs $11 Million for Employee Outplacement Tech

February 13, 2014 Lauren Hepler, of the Silicon Valley Business Journal, sits down with RiseSmart President & CEO, Sanjay Sathe, to discuss the future of HR technology and how RiseSmart is leading a revolution in outplacement and career management. Read more about the growth of RiseSmart and what is instore for...

RiseSmart Welcomes Former ManpowerGroup Executive Tony Santora as Vice President

April 01, 2014

RiseSmart, the leader in enterprise career management solutions, has named Tony Santora a vice president of RiseSmart.

The American Hospital Association Exclusively Endorses RiseSmart's Outplacement Solution

March 06, 2014

Chicago, (March 5), 2014 – The American Hospital Association (AHA) today announced it has exclusively endorsed Outplacement Solution from RiseSmart.

JOIN RISESMART AT THE 2014 HR People & Strategy Global Conference!

March 31, 2014

Are you going to be in the San Diego Area March 30th thru April 2nd? If so, then come visit RiseSmart at the HRPS Global Conference!