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What's Your Re-Hirement Plan

March 25, 2015
When it comes to employment, oil and gas industry operates in cycles. The industry is still reeling from the talent gap created by the last major downturn, and the current drop in oil prices will certainly continue to negatively affect employment-but given the history of oil and gas, this too...

Why Millennials Should Change Your Attitude About Outplacement and Benefits

March 11, 2015
We don’t know the exact date it will happen, but 2015 will mark a momentous change in the makeup of America’s population. Sometime this year – and maybe it has already happened –so-called Millennials will become the nation’s largest living generation, surpassing their Baby Boomer parents.


March 09, 2015 LAYOFFS OR NO LAYOFFS, EMPOYEES COME FIRST Whatever side of the layoff story you find yourself on — now or in the future, conducting them or avoiding them at all costs — don’t ever lose sight of your employees’ experiences.

Cushioning the Blow

February 23, 2015 Cushioning the Blow Severance packages are typically thought of as a way to make life easier for laid-off employees while protecting the organization’s reputational brand. However, Sanjay Sathe feels they’re doing neither very effectively. 

Seahawks Will Win Super Bowl XLIX for Back-to-Back Titles Based on a Surprising Predictor of Big-Gam...

January 20, 2015

Team whose fan base has higher employment has won 20 of last 25 Super Bowls; Seattle – with 5.3 percent jobless rate – will win for second year in a row, according to RiseSmart study. 

WEBINAR: Career Empowerment: Building an Empowered Workforce

October 30, 2013

Join us to learn how Career Empowerment is defined and practiced in organizations today and discover innovative ways to support employee empowerment in your own business. Industry analyst Aubrey K. Wiete and RiseSmart's Karen Stevens will lead the discussion.