Job Concierge

With millions of jobs posted on the internet each day, it can take job seekers months to filter through the noise and discover roles that could lead to an interview. From job boards to niche forums to employer career sites, our Job Concierges know where to source the best jobs for each participant. Our Job Concierges provide thousands of handpicked opportunities, including contacts and networking events, so job seekers can focus on applying to, interviewing for, and landing the right roles faster.

  • There are about 4 million job postings online every month.1

  • Only 1% of job seekers are successful when they blindly send resumes to every job that appears during a search on a job board.1

  • Job seekers spend more than 50% of their time searching and applying for positions.1

  • 1:


  • Comes from a recruiting background
  • Understands the alignment between each participant and the jobs best suited to their resumes, experiences, and preferences
  • Is matched with participants based on functional expertise and practice area

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  • The job leads were fantastic - very good matches for my skills, experience, and interests.

    Billy R.

  • I like how RiseSmart matched the jobs to my profile and found jobs I would not have found on my own.

    Alysia G.

  • Got an offer from one of the job leads sourced by you.

    Justin M.