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Today, job seekers have only a few seconds to make a good impression—that is, if their resumes even make it through the applicant tracking system. But most transitioning employees aren’t prepared to write a resume or cover letter, let alone one that is optimized for their industry and experience level.

Professionally written resumes get a preference over amateurs – According to Forbes.

Recruiters rank professionally written resumes about 60% higher than those written by amateurs. 1

Resumes crafted by resume writers are likely to land the interview – According to refeshyourstep.

Using a resume writer makes job seekers 31% more likely to land an interview and 40% more likely to land a job.2

Hiring based on social networks has been increasing – According to LinkedIn.

Hiring based on social professional networks has increased 73% in the last 4 years.3



Because we provide participants with Certified Professional Resume Writers who know how to write for target industries, roles, and career paths, each participant receives custom branded materials to make them stand out everywhere from the application tracking system to the hiring manager’s desk. Moreover, we give these materials to the participant within a week of beginning the program, so each participant can focus right away on getting a job, not on learning how to write a resume.

Each RiseSmart Certified Professional Resume Writer:

  • Is matched with participants based on functional expertise and practice area, and understands the requirements for resumes in specific industries and roles
  • Crafts resumes that are unique to each participant, not based on a template or a cookie-cutter approach
  • Understands how to write keyword-rich resumes that make it through the application tracking system and onto the recruiter or hiring manager’s desk
  • Creates each participant’s personal branding materials within 1 week, to reduce time spent ramping up for the job search

* Services may vary by package type.

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Professional Branding

Wow! You did a great job! I'd hire me!

Melisande P.

Professional Branding

[My Resume Writer] made me look like a ROCKSTAR! If I was a recruiter, I would scan my resume in 10 seconds, pick up the phone, and schedule an interview.

Brooke B.

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I don’t know if I would have gotten their as fast, had it not been for RiseSmart.

Beth S.

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