Global Outplacement by RiseSmart

No matter where you or your employees are in the world, or where workforce changes may occur, you can support your impacted employees with RiseSmart’s global career transition solutions.


Supporting Career Transitions in 80+ Countries:

RiseSmart is one of the world’s largest career transition providers. With representation in over 80 countries, RiseSmart takes “global outplacement” to the next level by providing your employees with the best career transition support all over the world. We can provide outplacement support to your employees, in their local language, and with intimate knowledge of the local job market, regulations, and job opportunities.


Country Coverage

Argentina Ecuador Luxembourg Saudi Arabia
Aruba Egypt Malaysia Singapore
Australia El Salvador Mexico South Africa
Austria Finland Moldova South Korea
Bahamas France Morocco Spain
Bahrain French Guiana Namibia Sri Lanka
Bangladesh Germany Netherlands Swaziland
Barbados Greece New Zealand Sweden
Belgium Guatemala Nicaragua Switzerland
Bolivia Honduras Norway Taiwan
Botswana Hong Kong Oman Thailand
Brazil Hungary Pakistan Turkey
Bulgaria India Panama UAE(Dubai)
Canada Indonesia Paraguay UK
Chile Ireland Peru United States
China Israel Philippines Uruguay
Colombia Italy Poland Venezuela
Costa Rica Jamaica Portugal Vietnam
Czech Republic Japan Qatar Zimbabwe
Denmark Kuwait Romania
Dominican Republic Lesotho Russia