RiseSmart Predicts New England to Win the Big Game Based on Lower Unemployment Rate

January 23, 2018

RiseSmart’s big game predictor has achieved 76% accuracy rate over past 37 years

SAN JOSE, Calif., January 23, 2018 — According to a prediction by leading provider of contemporary career transition services, RiseSmart, the team winning the 2018 National Football League Championship game will be from New England. RiseSmart’s Big Game Predictor holds that the winning team will be from the city with the lower unemployment rate. This year, Boston holds a 3.0 percent unemployment rate, and will, therefore, beat Philadelphia, which has a 4.4 percent unemployment rate, according to RiseSmart.

In 2017, RiseSmart successfully predicted New England’s triumph over Atlanta. This is the eighth consecutive year RiseSmart has issued its Big Game Predictor, which is based upon unemployment data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). RiseSmart has found that in the majority of past games, the team whose fan base enjoys greater economic prosperity, as measured by lower unemployment rates, is the team to win the Big Game. With this prediction methodology, RiseSmart is on a winning streak, achieving a 76 percent accuracy rate over the past 37 championship games.

Of all the years RiseSmart has made a prediction, the team from New England has provided the most upsets, defying the Big Game predictor four times in the last 37 years. RiseSmart’s accurate prediction in 2017 leads skeptics to believe that RiseSmart’s Big Game prediction must be more than a coincidence.

A look at predicting Big Game 52

The team with the lowest unemployment rate has won 28 of the past 37 Big Games. The lesson? Never underestimate the power of having a job.

Big Game Winner Jobless Rate (%) Loser Jobless Rate (%) Correct
1981 Oakland 5.6 Philadelphia 6.8 Y
1982 San Francisco 6.1 Cincinnati 8.7 Y
1983 Washington 5.8 Miami 10.1 Y
1984 L.A. Raiders 9.7 Washington 5.2 N
1985 San Francisco 5.3 Miami 7.8 Y
1986 Chicago 8.3 New England 3.4 N
1987 N.Y. Giants 5.5 Denver 6.6 N
1988 Washington 3.2 Denver 7.2 Y
1989 San Francisco 3.6 Cincinnati 5.1 Y
1990 San Francisco 3.3 Denver 5.4 Y
1991 New York 5.5 Buffalo 5.3 N
1992 Washington 4.6 Buffalo 7.2 Y
1993 Dallas 6.9 Buffalo 7.5 Y
1994 Dallas 6.1 Buffalo 6.8 Y
1995 San Francisco 5.9 San Diego 7.1 Y
1996 Dallas 4.8 Pittsburgh 6.0 Y
1997 Green Bay 3.4 New England 4.1 Y
1998 Denver 2.9 Green Bay 3.3 Y
1999 Denver 2.9 Atlanta 3.3 Y
2000 St. Louis 3.5 Tennessee 2.9 N
2001 Baltimore 3.8 New York 4.4 Y
2002 New England 3.6 St. Louis 4.6 Y
2003 Tampa Bay 5.6 Oakland 6.2 Y
2004 New England 5.7 Carolina 6.3 Y
2005 New England 5.0 Philadelphia 5.1 Y
2006 Pittsburgh 5.2 Seattle 5.0 N
2007 Indianapolis 4.4 Chicago 4.5 Y
2008 New York 4.4 New England 4.1 N
2009 Pittsburgh 5.1 Arizona 5.3 Y
2010 New Orleans 6.5 Indianapolis 8.7 Y
2011 Green Bay 7.7 Pittsburgh 8 Y
2012 New York 8.5 New England 6.6 N
2013 Baltimore 7.2 San Francisco 8.1 Y
2014 Seattle 5.9 Denver 6.7 Y
2015 New England 5.4 Seattle 5.3 N
2016 Denver 3.9 Carolina 5.4 Y
2017 New England 2.4 Atlanta 4.8 Y

“We are rooting for cities who keep people employed and are able get their people back to work quickly – after all, our mission is to help people find jobs faster than the national average,” said Dan Davenport, president and general manager, RiseSmart. “2018 is shaping up to be a strong year for businesses across the U.S., with employment rates much lower than years past. Let’s see if these rates are once again indicative of who will win the Big Game!” View BLS metropolitan unemployment rates and the correlating teams over the past 37 years in a colorful Big Game infographic.
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