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Cut recruitment cycle time with SmartConsult

Cut recruitment cycle time with SmartConsult

November 19, 2010
Submitted By Sanjay Sathe

RiseSmart today announced the release of SmartConsult™, a new strategic HR recruitment assessment solution that guides employers through an in-depth evaluation of their recruitment process and recommends improvements to an organization’s HR function.

Using RiseSmart’s SmartConsult, organizations can reduce their recruitment cycle time by 30 to 40 percent. SmartConsult, which is part of RiseSmart’s Recruit Concierge™ solution, is a blend of high-touch and high-tech mapping and consultation services that help organizations better understand, modify, and improve recruitment activities to increase HR department efficiency and effectiveness.

Using SmartConsult, organizations can quickly map current and future recruitment activities, encompassing techniques, tools, technology, and staff members, to align them with their overall business strategy. The solution has been designed specifically to automate HR sourcing, scheduling, and screening activities and tracks and monitors these processes to provide complete visibility and compliance.

SmartConsult is integrated into RiseSmart’s Recruit Concierge solution, or is available as a standalone product. Interested in learning more? Contact RiseSmart at (408) 886-3413 or

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