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RiseSmart provides free job search assistance for victims of Wall Street layoffs

RiseSmart provides free job search assistance for victims of Wall Street layoffs

February 23, 2009
Submitted By Sanjay Sathe

RiseSmart announced today the launch of, a Web site dedicated to finding new jobs for workers displaced by Wall Street layoffs. Wall Street layoff victims who sign up at the site will receive one month of free job search help from RiseSmart, a $43.95 value. We decided to create because we don't think laid-off financial services workers should be discouraged. They are among the most educated and talented workers on the market. And there are currently nearly a million senior-level management openings on the Web, including tens of thousands of $100K+ finance and accounting positions. The bigger problem is that finding jobs using conventional job-search sites is time-consuming and inefficient -- like searching for a needle in a haystack. This is the problem RiseSmart Job Concierge was created to solve. RiseSmart Job Concierge is a subscription-based service for $100K+ jobseekers that assigns each member a dedicated HR professional who searches senior-level job listings across the Web, returning only the listings that best match the subscriber's specific criteria. The RiseSmart Job Concierge team listens to customer feedback to continually enhance the results it delivers to each subscriber. By signing up at, laid-off Wall Street workers will receive one free month of RiseSmart Job Concierge service, a $43.95 value. Interested jobseekers should visit

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