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Your former employer has chosen RiseSmart to provide you with immediate career transition assistance.


Make a Good Impression: Personal Branding

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Your dedicated Certified Professional Resume Writer, whose functional expertise aligns with your search goals, will craft an attention-grabbing, keyword-rich resume, along with additional personal branding materials that guarantee you a strong online identity and an authentic story to discuss as you begin to network and interview.


Make the First Moves: Personal Career Coach

Your personal Career Coach will work with you one-on-one to understand your objectives, develop your career path, and prepare you for the process of finding your next position. You’ll develop the confidence to the make the first moves with your target companies and roles with help from your coach on networking, interviewing, and even salary negotiation.

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Make the Best Choice: Job Concierge

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Your Job Concierge saves you time by finding the most relevant job leads and sending them directly to your RiseSmart inbox. From job boards to niche forums to employer career sites, our Job Concierges know where to source the best jobs for your specific needs, and they also include recruiter contacts and useful networking events so you can focus on applying for the best roles and landing faster.


Make the Best Use of Your Time: Tailored Opportunities

In addition to your Job Concierge, you also receive leads from RiseSmart’s SmartMatch™ engine. Job opportunities are quickly tailored to your specific skills and needs, and then intelligently rank-ordered so your best matches are always on top—including hidden jobs, jobs connected with Randstad recruiters, and more.

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Make the Right Connections: Networking Tools

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Networking is the #1 way to land a job, and RiseSmart knows it. You’ll have access to our Contact Discovery Engine, to find the people you already know and the people you should know connected to the jobs and companies to which you want to apply. You’ll get customizable phone scripts and email templates to get the conversation started, as well as a target organizer tool to keep your job search on track.


Make Informed Decisions: Actionable Content

From live and recorded training sessions to professional assessments, weekly tips, and a massive, searchable content library, RiseSmart puts actionable content and resources directly in your hands. You’ll also gain access to company and salary research tools to help you show up to the interview with your best foot forward.

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