RiseSmart Solutions

RiseSmart offers a suite of contemporary career transition solutions to fit the unique needs of both employers and employees. Whether your business decisions include transitioning employees to jobs outside your organization, redeploying them to fill spaces in other areas of your business, or a combination of both - RiseSmart has the flexible, scalable, and customizable career transition solution for you.

RiseSmart is the only outplacement and redeployment service provider that offers a combination of personalized services and access to patented technology that is keeping pace with how employers and employees access information and make decisions.



Outplacement Solutions

RiseSmart’s outplacement services are changing the outplacement industry in three significant ways:

  1. Personalized service. The only outplacement program with a team of three experts providing an individualized experience delivered at the employee’s discretion and customized to fit each person’s unique needs.
  2. Patented technology. SmartMatch™ semantic matching technology uses human-like intelligence to understand the goals, skills, and experience of a job seeker and to deliver highly personalized employment opportunities in a matter of seconds.
  3. RiseSmart Insight™ is a system of record for real-time outplacement performance tracking and analytics and is the first and only outplacement management solution with transparency throughout the entire process.

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RiseSmart Redeployment™ provides employees with connections to internal opportunities and the preparation to land a new role within the organization while helping companies retain talent, reduce costs, and retain a positive employer brand.

Like RiseSmart’s unique and personalized outplacement services, RiseSmart Redeployment also delivers:

  • A team of three experts. RiseSmart is the only career transition solution to provide a dedicated career coach, professional resume writer, and job concierge to tailor and target the job search for every participant.
  • Access to contemporary technology. RiseSmart’s SmartMatch™ engine employs patented technology to deliver semantic search results, job search aggregation, and intelligent ranking.
  • Job search flexibility. Unlike traditional outplacement services, RiseSmart’s solutions are tailored to fit the time and availability of the participating employee – giving them the power to control their own destiny.

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RiseSmart SmartSession™ workshops

RiseSmart SmartSession™ workshops provide training, resources, and support for everyone involved in a corporate restructuring event. We recognize the need to prepare your managers, HR team, and employees for success from beginning to new beginning.

  • For management: notification and resiliency training.
  • For transitioning employees: online tools and job search training.
  • For remaining employees: support and training to re-establish a positive environment before, during, and after a downsizing event.

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