Outplacement Approach

At RiseSmart, we believe that an effective outplacement program is a results-based outplacement program. But how many outplacement providers have actually created a system that produces measurable ROI?

In short: only RiseSmart, with our innovative approach to outplacement delivery and focus on accountability and efficiency.

Our experts use their experience in the field along with years of data to create and build the technology that facilitates our programs: from a revolutionary matching engine to improve the quality of handpicked job leads to customized methodology to bring about faster landings, RiseSmart makes it easy to be smarter about outplacement.



Contemporary Approach to Outplacement


We understand the realities of today’s social, mobile, and online job search. Our programs are tailored for agile delivery to free up resources for a continued investment in innovation and allow impacted employees to conduct their search anytime, anywhere, and on their own terms.

Personalized Approach to Outplacement


We surround the impacted employee with three subject matter experts focused on personal branding, job sourcing, and coaching. Such specialized services deliver faster results to participants and show both current and former employees that you care about their careers.

Proactive Approach to Outplacement


We place a priority on results, not just on using our technology. We know that high touch works better when high tech has been created specifically to augment service delivery, so we have combined proprietary, state-of-the-art job search technology with a full-service approach to career transition to increase both engagement and landing rates.

Expert Designed Approach to Outplacement


Our programs are created and delivered by experts in the Human Resources industry, including hiring managers, recruiters, and other HR practitioners, to bring participants the most up-to-date methodologies for driving faster landing rates.

Result Based Approach to Outplacement


We provide on-demand reporting and a client services team to help you interpret your results, so that you can make better decisions about your outplacement now and in the future.



Your outplacement provider should work for you—which is why RiseSmart provides proactive, end-to-end outplacement support for your entire team:

Executive Outplacement Program

Client Services Manager

Provides 1:1 support from layoff to landing (and beyond)

SmartSessions Trainings

SmartSession Workshops

Informs and supports everyone from leadership to impacted employees to retained workers

Onsite Support to Outplacement


Ensures smooth notification delivery and proactive engagement of eligible employees

In Depth Reporting of Outplacement

In-Depth Reporting

Measures your ROI to make better decisions about your outplacement over time