RiseSmart Redeployment™

Retaining high-performing, talented employees during a time of corporate restructuring improves trust, mitigates the loss of business knowledge, and reduces the costs associated with lost productivity, layoffs, recruitment, and onboarding.

RiseSmart Redeployment™ enables valuable employees to discover new opportunities within your organization quickly, allowing you to retain the best and the brightest while creating a flexible and mobile workplace environment. RiseSmart Redeployment matches the goals, skills, and experience of your impacted talent with relevant internal opportunities allowing them to identify attractive positions inside the organization quickly. In addition, our solution offers personalized coaching, professional branding, technology tools, and a range of resources and services to help ensure that your most valuable employees remain a part of your organization. In addition, we arm you with on-demand reporting so that you can track engagement and success.

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Keep up with changing business practices

Businesses that want to remain relevant and competitive must transform their HR practices to embrace talent mobility and rethink how they approach a restructuring event. Instead of releasing all employees included in a corporate restructuring event, brands can improve their market position and bottom line returns by providing services that focus on reassigning valuable employees.

This is where the RiseSmart Redeployment program makes a difference. Whether jobs are being eliminated or not, RiseSmart helps businesses meet strategic needs and retain talented employees by redeploying them to open positions within the company.


Reduce costs and improve engagement through redeployment

Layoffs and corporate restructuring events are now a natural part of the ebb and flow experienced by businesses trying to keep costs down while maintaining a competitive edge. RiseSmart Redeployment helps organizations make the most of regular fluctuations and provides multiple benefits to companies, including:

Talent and knowledge retention

Retain Talent and Knowledge

  • Improve employee retention rates.
  • Retain institutional knowledge and stewardship of company culture.
  • Address skills gaps and fill open roles that align with new company priorities.
  • Prevent impacted employees working for the competition.
  • Expand employee networks as redeployed employees move to new teams.
  • Establish a culture that is able to manage change and adversity.

Cost reduction

Reduce Costs

  • Lower cost and time to hire.
  • Lower severance costs and unemployment tax claims.
  • Reduce time and effort spent on onboarding and training.
  • Diminish the likelihood of litigation.
  • Build capabilities to manage future redeployments.

Brand enhancement

Enhance Brand

  • Avoid impacted employees spreading negative company reviews.
  • Maintain reputation as employer of choice for current and future employees.
  • Reinforce the company message that “employees are our most valuable asset.”
  • Engage and energize employees who gain a new role within the company.