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Discover employee engagement, satisfaction, and progress in talent mobility programs with real-time data and insights that lead to better business decisions.

RiseSmart Insight

The industry’s first real-time system of record for talent mobility performance tracking and analysis, RiseSmart Insight™ was designed to allow HR leaders to understand the impact of talent solutions and to see the value of their spend based on program results.

Secure transmission of sensitive data

Secure Transmission of Sensitive Data

  • Securely transmit information through bank-level encrypted software
  • Send and receive employee list updates
  • Ask and answer questions and communicate securely
Data visualization

Data Visualization

  • Key data displayed in easy to read graphs
  • BLS comparison data automatically populated and displayed
  • Intuitive navigation enabled with visual prompts
Detailed Reporting and insights

Detailed Reporting and Insights

  • Data filters by key attributes, including geography and time period
  • Detailed participant data, including engagement and success rates
  • Historical data for trend analysis

Insights to Protect
Your Employer Brand

Live updates and up-to-the-minute data keep organizations current on employee engagement and alumni sentiment metrics, allowing HR departments to make improvements and adjust actions to avoid unfavorable reviews and damage to the employer brand.

Alumni sentiment
Alumni Sentiment Icon


Receive immediate insight into possible threats to your employer brand with a proprietary Alumni Sentiment Rating that displays alumni survey responses in a continuum of detractors, passives, and promoters. Specific comments provide the qualitative data necessary to take the appropriate action.

Landing Rates
Landing Rates Icon


Get current, actionable data to determine the effectiveness of outplacement services. Understand which employees have landed and the time it takes individuals to find a new job to predict cost savings on future unemployment tax liability and determine ongoing employee satisfaction.

BLS data comparisons
BLS Data Comparisons Icon

BLS Data

Contemporary outplacement solutions are designed to accelerate time to landing and to provide the support employees need to find a new job faster than they can on their own. Keep track of your employees versus the national average with up-to-date BLS comparisons.

Employee engagement
Employee Engagement Icon


Make sure your employees are taking advantage of the talent mobility solutions you’re offering. Track employee engagement and length of time individuals are spending getting expert advice and relevant materials.

Award-winning Technology

A technological solution that adds to your workload isn’t a solution. Have confidence that the technology you’ll be relying on has been vetted by industry experts who confirm that it effectively solves common challenges faced by HR professionals and lightens their workload with an intuitive user interface.

Brandon Hall awards RiseSmart “Best Advance in Unique HR or Workforce Management Technology”

Brandon Hall awards RiseSmart “Best Advance in Unique HR or Workforce Management Technology”

RiseSmart has received the prestigious gold award in “Best Advance in Unique HR or Workforce Management Technology” from Brandon Hall Group’s 2018 Excellence in Technology Awards for RiseSmart Insight™.

Top HR Product – Human Resources Executive 2017

Top HR Product – Human Resources Executive 2017

The editor of HRExecutive stated, “We felt that RiseSmart Insight filled an unmet need for HR professionals to understand exactly what happens to their employees after a layoff, protect their employer brand, and prove ROI on their outplacement investment.”

People’s Choice Stevie Awards – Favorite New Product – 2017

People’s Choice Stevie Awards – Favorite New Product – 2017

There were more than 3,600 nominations for this year’s American Business Awards. RiseSmart Insight was selected as a winner in the People’s Choice category in which the general public can vote for their favorite new products and services of the year. More than 38,000 votes were cast in 55 people’s choice categories in 2017.

Featured Customer Testimonial

Quotes Testimonial

RiseSmart Insight gives you all the data about what's happening in the programs: the people and the spend, but the human impact as well. I think that is a really critical piece and I don't think there is anything like that in the industry.

China Gorman
HR Industry Luminary

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