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Before starting your journey towards your next career destination, you might have a few questions. We’ve got answers to the most frequently asked questions.

What is outplacement?

Outplacement is a service provided at no cost to employees by their employer through a third-party (such as RiseSmart) during times of workforce restructuring and layoffs. RiseSmart’s career transition services match each individual with a personal certified career coach, a professional resume writer, and a personal job-sourcer. Using RiseSmart’s services, employees land new jobs 60% faster than the national average.

What are the criteria for matching people to coaches?

We take a number of things into consideration, including: professional level, industry, unique challenges, and career goals and desires. We don’t match people to coaches simply because they happen to be in the same geographic location.

Can you help me look for a job in multiple locations?

Yes. We provide career transition services in over 80 countries and throughout the U.S. No matter where you’d like to move, we have career transition experts there with the local knowledge and best practices to help you find what you’re looking for. Your career coach will make sure you’re connected to the people and opportunities you need to successfully land a new job in a new location.

How can RiseSmart help me with my retirement plans?

We know that retirement today looks very different than it did just a few years ago. In response, we’ve developed an entire program – Creative Retirement – to help our program participants discover their unique retirement goals, plan for the future, and then take the steps necessary to achieve those goals.

Can you help me explore new career options?

Yes. Helping people find new careers is one of our specialties. Our certified career coaches are experts at helping people find their new beginnings through assessments, discussions, and a critical look at things like transferable skills.

What if I’m happy with my current resume?

Great! We love to hear this. Why not let your professional resume writer take a look, anyway? The service is at no cost to you. It’s your choice whether to accept the suggested changes or leave your resume the way it is.

What if I don’t have a resume?

You’re in luck! Depending on the package your employer provided, We have professional, certified resume writers who will either provide a resume critique or write a resume for you. Simply provide your personal branding expert with your work history and answers to the brainstorming questions in your online portal. Your resume writer will craft a resume that will pass through modern ATS software and land on a recruiter’s or hiring manager’s desk.

What happens if I decide to put my job search on hold?

We’re flexible and we understand that the path from one point in a professional career to the next point is rarely a straight line. If you decide you need some time to consider your options, let your transition coach know and we’ll hit the pause button for you for up to two months. We’ll be here to pick up where you left off when you’re ready to begin again.

How soon do I need to sign up?

We recommend you register immediately. Your career coach will get you started on a course of discovery to determine exactly what you want to do next, and when. Actual eligibility varies depending on the terms set by your former employer. Contact us at (877) 384-0004 ext. 5 or to learn the exact terms of your benefits.

When do my benefits begin?

Your benefits begin the moment you register with RiseSmart. Within 24 hours, we’ll match you with your career coach and schedule your first call.

Do I need to pay for outplacement services?

No. These services are being provided for you as a benefit from your former employer and are complimentary to you.

What are career transition services?

With RiseSmart, each individual employee is matched with a personal, certified career coach, professional resume writer and brand expert, and a personal job sourcer who will hand pick jobs based on the person’s experience, skills, and personal preferences.

Can you help with my digital profile?

Our resume writers are also experts at creating digital profiles that reflect your unique value proposition and highlight key strengths and accomplishments.

Can RiseSmart help me find a better and/or higher paying job?

Our team of three experts will help you find the best job to fit your unique value proposition, skills, experience, and preferences. In fact, 83% of our program participants attain jobs with equal or greater salaries.

What is your success rate?

We’re proud to say that we are able to help our participants land a new job 60% faster than the national average. (In certain industries, time to land is even shorter).

Do I have to take advantage of all the services offered through my career transition benefit?

From the first time you talk with your career coach, you’ll be in charge of your own services. We’ll help you customize a program to meet your unique needs and career goals.

What happens after my career transition benefit ends?

Once your paid benefit ends, we consider you part of the RiseSmart family for life. You’ll become a RiseSmart Alumni and will be entitled to an annual resume review or coaching session and you’ll have lifetime access to our career portal. Don’t forget to join our LinkedIn Alumni group!

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