• Guide to Severance and Workforce Transition

    Are you prepared to offer competitive severance pay, benefits, and outplacement in the coming year? Benchmark your competitors and peers in this unique Guide to Severance and Workforce Transition.

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  • Enterprise Career Management

    Empowerment. This is what we’re all about. Arming HR professionals with innovative technology and services that enable employees to find fulfilling work, whether they're transitioning from one company to another or one role to another.

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  • For Employees

    At RiseSmart, we're dedicated to helping you shine. Whether you're plotting your next move in your current organization or searching for a new job after being laid off, we're on it. Prepare to be amazed!

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  • For Human Resources

    Want to improve your employee relations and strengthen your employer brand, even during a layoff? Easy. Give your transitioning employees the best chance to land their next job with the fastest time-to-landing in the industry. Let us show you how.

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Smarter Outplacement

It's time to demand more from your outplacement vendor, and RiseSmart Transition delivers: faster landings, reduced costs and better results. See why smarter outplacement is better.

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Tom Madison, Xerox

Why Risesmart?

Perspectives on Outplacement

Why use outplacement for your next restructuring or rightsizing event? Chief Human Resources Officer Tom Maddison shares his perspective on how RiseSmart’s flexibility, creativity, and execution yield outplacement excellence for Xerox.

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Smarter Outplacement

It's time to demand more from outplacement services, and RiseSmart Transition delivers: faster placements, reduced costs, better results.

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Direction for Employees

RiseSmart’s career management solution helps organizations and their employees get where they want to go and become career empowered.

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Industry thought leaders love to talk about our innovative solutions. Watch and learn. Experts agree: our approach to enterprise career empowerment is right on point. Human Resources is being reinvented right now. Are you ready to move forward?
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A smarter approach to outplacement combines today's technology with personalized career advice from HR professionals. Watch and learn.


A smarter approach to talent management can increase engagement and help you better understand and address skill gaps.


Human Resources is being reinvented. Ready to take the leap?

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