Today's employees have big expectations and even bigger dreams. They're crying out for career advancement opportunities, and if you don't oblige, they'll find an employer who will – and thanks to social media, it won't take long. With RiseSmart Compass, you can put powerful tools directly into employees' hands for their own career empowerment, and they'll love you for it. 

RiseSmart Compass also delivers essential tools that help HR managers fill in the blanks. Rather than simply automating existing HR processes, you finally get the elusive data you need to help your organization meet critical business objectives. Here's how RiseSmart Compass helps HR – and your organization:

Trophy Increased Engagement:
Improving engagement takes a lot more than giving out some perks and having a bring-your-dog-to-work day. RiseSmart Compass gives employees control of their careers by helping them explore internal career paths that will let them achieve their career goals. Offering career planning tools improves engagement and also makes HR aware of employees' skills and aspirations.
Magic Wand Enhanced Performance:
Employees can find Gigs in RiseSmart Compass to sharpen their skills and learn new ones, choose mentors to help them develop further, network more effectively with coworkers, and get valuable peer feedback. The result? Improved productivity and performance across the organization.
People Increased Retention:
Making jobs more visible and hiring practices more transparent using RiseSmart Compass will help retain employees by letting them find and be found for all opportunities and giving them better access to the career advancement opportunities they seek.
org chart Better Workforce Planning:
RiseSmart Compass provides critical data to help HR managers understand the skills profile of their current workforce, determine organizational needs going forward, and clarify how those gaps can be filled with existing resources.
org chart Smarter (Re)Deployment:
By listing open roles in RiseSmart Compass, HR can retain and redeploy employees more strategically. Internal mobility is about putting the right people in the right jobs; as more employees are promoted from within and better matched to jobs based on their skills, everybody wins.
graphs Measurable Results:
HR managers can monitor aggregate activity including: current skills, recent usage, coaching paths and talent trends, as well as keep a pulse read on employee engagement. Real time.
graph on screen Clear ROI:
By using RiseSmart Compass to engage employees in addressing the #1 reason why people leave companies – lack of career opportunities – you'll see the benefits on your talent management budget:  cost of replacing employees reduced, loss of team momentum addressed and tribal knowledge kept.
Weight Strengthened Leadership Development:
Employees receive the career development tools and resources they need to succeed, including career coaching. This professional development support helps prepare employees for management and senior leadership roles, while aiding succession planning.
Gears A More Strategic HR Organization:
Make an even bigger strategic contribution by delivering on HR's promise to be an advocate for employees. By championing and helping usher in a culture of internal mobility, HR can utilize existing talent more effectively and in turn improve engagement, productivity and retention.

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